Specials for M1 Subscribers


M1 subscribers & staff are entitled to 15% Early Bird Discounts on tickets to ” The Flying Dutchman” during the period 10 June to 1 August on Cat 1 to 4 tickets. From 2 August, they will continue to enjoy 10% discount on the tickets, subject to availability. Discounts will be extended on the presentation of an M1 Bill / mobile upon purchase at SISTIC Authorised Agents.

In the months to come, we will take “The Flying Dutchman” into the community through outreach activities, some near M1 shops. To the (wo) man-in-the-street who may be feeling intimidated by the idea of watching an opera, we say: “Jump the hump and give Opera a chance. Give Wagner a chance!” We hope they will take advantage of the discounts for M1 subscribers.

M1 Limited is at the apex of arts patronage today, making possible significant “how-can-we-live without it?” arts events like the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, M1 Chinese Theatre Festival and M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival. M1 Limited is a generous donor to “The Flying Dutchman”. Thank you, M1!


(Article written by Juliana Lim)


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