Family Opera Workshop

The Flying Dutchman in the Community” outreach programme kicked off two Sundays ago with a family opera workshop titled “Discover Opera! A Kid’s Introduction to the World of Opera”.

Held at the Toa Payoh SAFRA Club, the workshop was conducted by Candice de Rozario who sings Mary in The Flying Dutchman opera in October this year.

At the workshop, participants were introduced to what opera is, and learnt to appreciate opera music and singing. They explored their vocal abilities with fun games and even did some opera singers’ vocal exercises! The workshop introduced famous operas, opera houses around the world, and also showed how prevalent opera is in culture today. The Looney Tunes cartoon “What’s Opera, Doc?” featuring Wagner’s operas, was a hit with both children and parents. The participants then created their own mini-opera, creating their own costumes and props with recycled materials.

Of the experience, a parent shared, “We had fun. Dawn was trying out her high pitch voice following the workshop. It was a good introduction to opera for us.”

Another parent said, “Rachel and I had fun at the workshop. (We) like the warm-up exercises, games and role play.”

Another workshop for kids is scheduled for September.  Please email for more information and to register your interest.


(Story written by Pearlyn Cai)


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