With Just Days to Go…

On Monday 17th October, rehearsals for “The Flying Dutchman” moved into their performance venue, the Victoria Theatre.

Preparations for the performances had sharply intensified in the two weeks before that. The set was finished; the cast tried on their costumes and the puppetry was tried out in conjunction with the performers for the first time. The cast sang, sang and sang, apparently inexhaustibly. Everyone seems to be a perfectionist in his or her own field, whether in direction, design, voice or music. And now, what have necessarily been parts of one project worked upon separately, by people dispersed not only within Singapore but also internationally, have come together, and the parts seem to fit.

There are always last minute jobs to do in an ambitious undertaking like an opera: the performance venue’s spaces are bound to be rather different from previous rehearsal spaces, for one thing, and then there’s that sense of wanting to be absolutely sure that everything is at its best for the night when there’s an audience on the other side of the curtains. 


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