What they said about “The Flying Dutchman”

The last performance of our Singapore-made Flying Dutchman was successfully staged on Sunday 30th October, with the international cast. The singers have since flown home. What’s left are warm memories, nice compliments from friends n colleagues in the theatre world; and favourable reviews in blogs and newspapers all of which  make us feel the effort was worth the while.


Reviews in Blogs & Newspapers 

The Mad SCENEopera

Pianomania about International Cast

Pianomania about Asian Cast

The Straits Times

Der Neue Merker

Business Times

The Straits Times about Asian Cast



23/10/16, 11:11:49 PM: MingYen Phan: Juliana … 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💐💐💐💐💐… Loved it ! Have put a post on my Facebook page on the production … 💐💐


24/10/16, 5:54:55 AM: Sangeeta Razu: Last night, ur Wagner production broke the drought of not gng to the opera for a decade. It was a fantastic production!!!


24/10/16, 8:43:40 AM: Siew Har Teoh: Hi, Juliana, congratulations on a very entertaining opening night of the Flying Dutchman. Thank you for introducing Wagner to me and (I think) a lot of Singaporeans. I am familiar with Verdi, Puccini and Mozart but am somewhat wary of Wagner. The production /sets were superb, the venue cozy and intimate and the principals/chorus amazing. Looking forward to more of this! A big thank you!


29/10/16, 1:07:02 AM: Andy & Wanyun KK Wan: I did enjoy it! Went with slight trepidation that I would not “last” the 21/2 hours though. But it flew by. Hope it has been a good run thus far. Read such good feedback in media.


29/10/16 : Andrea Buchanan, Secretary, London Wagner Society : The Dutchman was wonderful – it was truly one of the best I have ever seen and I will never forget my time in Singapore and the brilliant experience of being there with you all at this historic moment.


Kristine: “Thanks so much for calling my attention to the Flying Dutchman. The show was every bit as amazing as it was described. We thoroughly enjoyed it.”


Frauke: ” Auch heute sind wir noch total von Eurem Werk hier begeistert. Ihr solltet versuchen das Werk so auf reisen zu schicken. Stimmen, Bühnenbild und Kostüme waren toll. Modern und ein ganz frischer Wagner mit asiatischer Erdung ohne zu verfremden. Einfach eine gelungene moderne Inszenierung. Alle haben sich lauschend, fast unbewusst nach vorne gelehnt, wenn Senta sang. Die Stimme war so packend, sie hat mich und viele andere in meiner Umgebung magisch angezogen.”


Anonym: “Wir haben Karten für Freitag!! und ich weiss aus erster Hand, dass auch Frau Wagner-Pasquier begeistert war.”


Patrizia:”Ich fand die Oper sehr gut. Es gab richtig gute Summen zu hören.”

Many thanks for this wonderful evening.

I was so fascinated by this amazing production, bringing in great special lighting techniques with a projection wall adding to the performance of the cast, the puppetry elements underlining the Dutchman´s fate …., the costumes, the elaborate red dress of the Dutchman, the simple ones of the choir.

The 4 international singers were very strong and I was very impressed by the steersman`s voice and clear articulation – well done Jonathan Tay!

You can be very proud of this productions achievement.

Wagner would have loved it:) – Mrs Gabrielle Pulch



Dear Juliana, congratulations and kudos!!

I enjoyed the opera very much . You brought a truly Singaporean and Asian flavour to the evening with such originality ( the puppetry idea was brilliantly executed and mesmerising). So Glad to hear so many Singaporean voices; the two who sang in the Asian cast- the alto and tenor held their own in the international cast).

Thank you for inviting me to the opera, I am very happy to be a “Friend”! – Dr. Ling Ai Ee




Story: Isabel Markwitz & Juliana Lim.  Photo Ngiap Heng Tan


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