Wagner encounters around Singapore

Preparations for our Singapore-made “The Flying Dutchman” are intensifying with daily rehearsals of both the international and Asian casts, Chorus and Orchestra. Meanwhile, news of our landmark opera event has spread. Come 23 October, we will welcome Wagnerians from Australia, Finland, Germany, Iceland, Japan and London, all here to watch our first-ever fully-staged Wagner opera. For us in Singapore, we have the following treats to look forward to, ahead of the performances at Victoria Theatre from 23 to 30 October 2016. Tomorrow, on Thursday, 13 October, 8.45 am, “The Flying Dutchman” Stage Director Glen Goei will be interviewed live tomorrow, on … Continue reading Wagner encounters around Singapore

里查德.瓦格纳歌剧 《漂逸的荷兰人 》售票开始 。


新加坡首次公演德国伟大作曲家里查德.瓦格纳歌剧《 漂逸的荷兰人》,

主办单位:里查德.瓦格纳歌剧协会(新加坡)、 OperaViva Limited、十指帮剧团。


地点: 维多利亚剧院

公演五场: 国际声乐家领衔主唱四场、亚洲声乐家领衔主唱一场 。


时间:       下午六时三十分

(瓦格纳协会贝鲁斯庆典大使伊娃.华格纳-巴斯圭儿夫人-里查德.瓦格纳曾孙女, 将以贵宾身份莅临。)

日期:二零一六年十月 廿五、廿七、廿八 日


日期:二零一六年十月三十 日


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Book Now for Best Seats!

Tickets for “The Flying Dutchman” opera priced at $46, $66, $106 and $146 are now on sale at http://www.sistic.com.sg/events/dutch1016. 他,承咒而航行于永恒之海 / 解咒人  唯有她 咒箍,他漂泊在无尽无涯的海上 / 赎救人  唯有她 理查德 华格纳    ——-    漂逸的荷兰人      ———-       女人的真爱,他的救赎 《漂逸的荷兰人》门票售价:S$46, … Continue reading Book Now for Best Seats!