What they said about “The Flying Dutchman”

The last performance of our Singapore-made Flying Dutchman was successfully staged on Sunday 30th October, with the international cast. The singers have since flown home. What’s left are warm memories, nice compliments from friends n colleagues in the theatre world; … Continue reading What they said about “The Flying Dutchman”

Jakub Pustina’s Singing Competition

  At the National Theatres in Prague and Bratislava, Jakub Pustina is one of the best tenor singers. In addition to singing, the 33-year old decided to start his own singing competition for opera talents. In the first round, approximately 200 international singers from 41 countries are competing. The competition is staged in various countries including Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest and Prague. (Article written by Sabine Polachek in Prager Zeitung; English synopsis by Isabel Markwitz)     Continue reading Jakub Pustina’s Singing Competition