OperaViva Limited

Opera_Viva_logoOperaViva is a young Singaporean opera company focusing on standard opera repertoire as well as contemporary works, aiming to develop a broad appreciation of opera in Singapore. They have an additional goal of promoting high quality classical music where this offers opportunities to present innovative works and interpretations to the Singapore public.

The company hopes to nurture and cultivate a love for opera and classical music among Singaporeans through carefully curated performances accompanied by an outreach program which extends our coverage into the community.

OperaViva aims to make opera accessible and in 2015, staged Bastiene and Bastienne at five community centres. OperaViva’s Singapore International Music Festival 2015 presented with The Arts House and co-curated by Festival Directors Maestro Darrell Ang and Loh Jun Hong, will run again from 26 Sep to 10 Oct 2016.

Please click for more details: http://www.operaviva.com.sg