Donations & Sponsorships

“The Flying Dutchman” Opera Singapore 2016 Project is funded by:



Friends of “The Flying Dutchman”

  • Kevin Chan
  • Dr. Chan Mei Li
  • Dr. Debbie Chee
  • Elizabeth Cheng
  • Evelyn Chew
  • Margaret Chew
  • Alessandra de Mello
  • Ishan Dutta
  • Agnes Ee
  • Cecelia Ee
  • Emi Eu
  • Andreas Goh
  • David & Jenny Ho
  • Hoda Abou Jamra
  • Margaret Khoo (2)
  • Lin Net Koh (4)
  • Dr Angela Leong
  • Dr Ling Ai Ee
  • G Martin & JC Tan
  • Millenia Private Limited
  • JP Nathan
  • Neo RuBin
  • Jasmine Ong
  • Pierre & Monica Perrett
  • Rajgopal & Mary Rajkumar
  • Ian & Freda Rickword
  • Mr & Mrs James Beeland Rogers Jr.
  • Rumail Investment Co. Ltd
  • Tristan Sjoberg
  • Josef Georg Stingl
  • Dr. Tan Kim Siew
  • Peggy Tan
  • Tony CK Tan
  • Dr Claus Trenner
  • Daniel Teo & Goh Soo Khim
  • Chwee Heng & Annie Wee
  • Li-Ann Wee
  • Dr. Chua Yang
  • Mary & Thomas Zuellig


Music Lovers & Well-wishers 

Artskakis Connection, Genevieve Grosliere, Lau Hwei Lynn, Heng Li-Shir, Sonia Ng, Amanda Ong Yuk-Lin, Phan Ming Yen, Pop & Contemporary Fine Art.

Friends of “The Flying Dutchman” Launched 

RWA(S) launched the “Friends of The Flying Dutchman” in February 2016 scheme to raise funds and increase support for the forthcoming opera production. The Scheme has since been closed with the recruitment of 145 Friends. We thank all our Friends for your support! See you at the show!

General information on fundraising

To stage The Flying Dutchman, we need to raise at least $150,000 which will attract dollar-for-dollar matching funds under the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY)’s Cultural Matching Fund (CMF). Donations qualify for 250% tax deduction.

We welcome your support in cash or kind. Please email us at if you wish to explore a win-win partnership with us.