Puppetry Designers



“This is the first time we are incorporating shadow puppetry into an opera. We hope you enjoy your journey into the magical world of The Flying Dutchman as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Lastly, thank you to everyone in the team for the support and faith.”

Ang Hui Bin graduated from the National University of Singapore’s Theatre Studies Programme and has worked with companies such as The Necessary Stage, Drama Box, and CAKE Theatrical Productions since becoming a full-time theatre practitioner in 2006. Her acting credits include Boner (Drama Box), BOTE (The Necessary Stage), and Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (CAKE). Hui Bin is involved in many of the company’s Reach Out! and Main Season productions as a performer and designer. Her performance in Furthest North, Deepest South won her a Best Ensemble Acting award at The Straits Times 5th Life! Theatre Awards 2005. She was nominated for the same award at The Straits Times 7th Life! Theatre Awards for First Family. Her acting credits with the company include Wong Kar Wai Dreams, Poop!, suitCASES, The Book of Living and Dying, and One Fine Day.

Myra Loke has been working in the arts since she was 16, taking on roles as a performer, designer and production stage manager. She was part of the inaugural batch of apprentices of The Finger Players and also the pioneer batch of ARTivate, the youth wing of Drama Box Ltd. She aspires to be an all-round artist.

Daniel Sim served as an Assistant Production Manager for Con$umed (NUS Arts Festival, 2014), <40 下> 40 Strokes (Drama Box, 2013). He was Assistant Stage Manager for Square Moon (Function 8, 2013) and Perfection of Ten (Sean Tobin for Esplanade Studios series, 2012). He enjoys making gadgets, puppets and props and he has designed, coordinated and/or made props and puppets for shows such as The Spirits Play (The Finger Players, 2015), Off Centre (Oliver Chong for Esplanade Studios fifty, 2015), The Tale of the Frog Prince (Singapore Repertory Theatre, 2013) and The Magic Treetop (Esplanade Presents, 2013). He coordinated the set for Words & Music: A Love Story Told in Jazz (NUS Arts Festival, 2015) and IgnorLAND of its Time (Drama Box, 2014). Daniel is currently reading Theatre Studies at the National University of Singapore.