Eva Wagner-Pasquier sprich mit IMPULSE

Die Präsidentin der Richard Wagner Association (Singapore), Juliana Lim, hat es mit den Co-Produzenten OperaViva Limited und „The Finger Players“ geschafft, großes Interesse in Singapur an der Geschichte des Holländers zu wecken. Die entstandene Wagner- Euphorie überzeugte Eva Wagner-Pasquier, der Premiere im Victoria-Theatre beizuwohnen. Impulse: „Frau Wagner-Pasquier, was haben Sie denn gedacht, als Sie vom Plan der Aufführung hörten?“ Eva Wagner-P.: „Juliana Lim hat mir vor zwei Jahren in Dessau davon erzählt und ich fand die Idee bewundernswert und aufregend. Das Konzept ist ausgezeichnet und ich freue mich, dass ich dabei sein konnte, denn etwas Ungewöhnliches ist ja meist spannender, … Continue reading Eva Wagner-Pasquier sprich mit IMPULSE

House Programme

The full contents of The Flying Dutchman house programme is attached for your reading pleasure.  It shares the Producers’ intention for staging the first Wagner opera in Singapore and the vision of our two directors – Chong Tze Chien and Glen Goei – and the names of the individuals and organisations that made the production possible. Our gratitude to everyone! http://online.fliphtml5.com/mcnf/rpzp/       Continue reading House Programme


What they said about “The Flying Dutchman”

The last performance of our Singapore-made Flying Dutchman was successfully staged on Sunday 30th October, with the international cast. The singers have since flown home. What’s left are warm memories, nice compliments from friends n colleagues in the theatre world; … Continue reading What they said about “The Flying Dutchman”

Facebook accolades for The Flying Dutchman

Our usual practice is to cross-mount articles from this blog to Facebook. For the reading pleasure of those who don’t use Facebook, we now cross-post a selection of Facebook posts to this blog.         Post by actor Sharda Harrison of Pink Gajah           Posts by first-time opera-goers. Continue reading Facebook accolades for The Flying Dutchman


A review on the Opening night

Translation of the german article in “Neuer Merker” Around two years ago, Juliana Lim, president of the very young Richard Wagner Association (Singapore), and the society’s vice president, Ronald Ling, had a great idea. Theiradventurous idea was to stage “The Flying Dutchman” – the first Wagnerian opera … Continue reading A review on the Opening night


A Triumphant Opening Night

“The Flying Dutchman” at Singapore’s Victoria Theatre is a highly dramatic, emotionally intense and colourful production. Senta, played by Australian soprano, Kathleen Parker, establishes her assertiveness from the very first, when she commands the stage throughout the overture, already establishing … Continue reading A Triumphant Opening Night