We thank the following RWA(S) members and friends for their invaluable contribution to TFD:

  • Dr Chan Mei Li – RWVI Hospitality Programme
  • Chong Yuan Jian – Chinese Translations
  • Daniel Choo – Singers’ hospitality activities
  • Eng Meng Chia – TFD Audition Panelist
  • John Gee – RWA(S) Hon. Auditor & TFD Publicist / Blog Editor, Speaker, Wagner Weekend
  • Karl-Heinz Jung – RWA(S) Treasurer & Member, TFD Fund-raising Committee
  • Suon Kuok – Advisor, TFD Fund-raising Committee, Host, Wagner Weekend
  • Dr Kenson Kwok – Member, TFD Fund-raising Committee
  • Juliana Lim – RWA(S) President
  • Lim Mee Lian, TFD Secretariat
  • Dr Ronald Ling – RWA(S) Vice-President, TFD Executive Producer & Member, TFD Fund-raising Committee
  • Isabel Markwitz – Member, TFD Fund-raising Committee & TFD Blog Team
  • Natalie Ng, RWA(S) Secretary, Speaker, Wagner Weekend
  • Dr Ong Yong Lock – RWA(S) Management Committee member,  Chair, TFD Fund-raising Committee & Host, Wagner Weekend
  • Gladys Seow – TFD Secretariat
  • Imelda Tan – Secretary, TFD Fund-raising Committee
  • Dr. Tan Kim Siew – RWVI Hospitality Programme
  • Dr. Tan Ngiap Heng – Official Photographer / Documenter, TFD Blog Team
  • Elena Tuganova – Hospitality
  • Dr Katherine Wallace – RWA(S) Founding President, TFD Audition Panelist & Speaker, Wagner Weekend
  • Ivy Wang – Hospitality
  • Daniel Yap – TFD Secretariat


In the coming months, we will need many more pairs of hands to realise The Flying Dutchman opera. If you wish to volunteer or do an internship on the project, please email our Project Director Ms Michele Lim at flyingdutchmanoperaspore2016@gmail.com.